AB1839 Support

Bring Work Back To California

TAG is one of the Hollywood Locals participating in the Entertainment Union Coalition and it’s efforts to bring awareness and support for the passing of California Assembly Bill 1839 – The California Film & Television Job Retention and Promotion Act. This bill is designed to increase California’s incentive making it possible to keep production work from leaving to other states and countries.

While not addressing animation specifically, it’s important for us to support the measure in order to bring California up to the level of support expected in today’s production environment. Visual effects work within the state has been devastated by the tax incentives offered abroad, and animation work is being targeted. Establishing California as a viable workplace means the likely return of the production and post-production work that has been drawn away.

Your Support Is STILLNeeded

At the end of May, the bill was approved by the general Assembly and passed to the Senate for review. There, it has to go through the Governance and Finance Committee and then the Appropriations Committee. These will be the two likely places the bill faces it’s biggest challenges, and therefore needs to the most public support.

The quickest way to show that support, is to send a letter to Senators Lois Wolk and Kevin de Leon, chairpersons of the respective committees. The Entertainment Union Coalition as prepared letters for your convenience that you can find at their back2ca.com letters page: http://backtoca.com/letters.html. Please print, sign and mail that letter to the address at the top.

Print and Mail? Can the Guild do that for me?

While it would be best if you could provide your signature to the Senators, we would be glad to send a letter on your behalf. In order to do so, you first need to fill out the form linked below making sure to check [YES] at the bottom of the form. We will add your information to the bottom of the letter and send it to Assemblyman Bocanegra on your behalf. We will send one letter per submission only.

Animation Guild AB 1839 Support Form

Thank You For Your Participation

We thank you for taking the time to support this important initiative. Please feel free to share this page and/or the support letters with your fellow members, friends and neighbors.