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CSATTF – Local Provided Classes

The Local Provided classes provide Animation Guild members the opportunity to take classes that are more focused towards the specific crafts we represent for little to no cost.  In the Local Provided paradigm, the Guild has the opportunity to create classes that address the specific skills enhancement needs of the membership and are fully funded by the Grant. This year, The Animation Guild has partnered with Microdesk and the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (LAAFA) to provided members classes fully funded by the Grant.


Free Classes

Unlike the Vendor Provided classes, which are run by outside training vendors, CSATTF is fully funding these classes.  Any vendors we use, equipment and/or space that is rented, will be paid for by CSATTF.  This year, there will be no cost to the members who attend these classes.

30-Day Requirement

For Local Provided classes, CSATTF requires that a certain percentage of the course attendees provide proof of 30 days of employment under a Guild contract within the past two years of the date of the start of the class.   You can provide this proof in the form of either an employment verification letter from a payroll company or employer with exact work dates, Local number, job classification, and Social Security number; or with copies of your pay stubs including actual work hours/dates (sick, vacation, holiday and travel time are not eligible), Local number or code, and job classification.  More than one form of employment verification may be needed.

The Local Provided classes carry the same “30 Day” requirement as the Vendor Provided classesAll members interested in taking a Local Provided class need to determine if they meet the 30 Day requirement.  If you have any concerns about providing this information, contact Mike Sauer for some assistance.

The 5 Star (Five Art Locals) Classes

The Animation Guild has joined with four other art locals (Local 705 – Motion Picture Costumers, Local 706 – Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild, Local 800 – The Art Directors Guild, Local 892 – The Costumer Designers Guild) to start a new program of art-specific classes funded through the Local Provided structure.  These classes are both traditional art classes as well as classes geared toward honing artistic skills using digital tools.  These classes will be held at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (LAAFA) campus in Van Nuys.  To see a list of all the classes offered, download the application form below.

Any questions regarding the classes for the 5 Star application can be directed to Mike Sauer.

Download Grant application PDF

Send an email to register for a 5 Star class