Vendor Provided

CSATTF – Vendor Provided Classes

The Vendor Provided classes provide partial cost reimbursement to qualified Animation Guild members who take approved classes at participating training vendors.  These classes are held by the vendors and at the vendor’s facilities.  Each year, The Animation Guild sends applications to the Contract Services Administration Training Trust Fund (CSATTF) to renew all existing vendors as well as add any new vendors and classes that we discover.  If you would like to add a school or class that isn’t already included, email Mike Sauer and share the school’s information.

For the 2019-2020 grant year (classes that begin between February 1, 2019 and January 31, 2020), CSATTF has approved classes at the following seven schools for animation and CG training:

To participate in the grant program, you must have worked at least thirty days under the Guild’s jurisdiction in the two years previous to the date the class begins.  You must apply and be accepted for the grant before the class begins, and no more than ninety days in advance.  (In other words, if you are approved and subsequently postpone taking the class, you will have to re-apply.)

How To Qualify

CSATTF requires all 839 members to provide proof of 30 days of employment under a Guild contract within the past two years of the date of the start of the class in order to qualify for tuition reimbursement.  This proof can take the form of paycheck stubs that confirm the correct contributions and/or a letter from your current or past employers to CSATTF to prove your thirty days of employment.  If you have any concerns about providing this information, contact Mike Sauer for some assistance.

Once you have completed an approved class, you will need to obtain a Certificate of Completion from the vendor.  Then, send that certificate with a reimbursement request to CSATTF to receive the two-thirds reimbursement for the class cost.


The Animation Academy

THE ANIMATION ACADEMY is a unique educational program based upon a professional workshop structure that focuses in developing artistic talent as it applies to animation in areas such as Character Design, Visual Development / Production Design, Intellectual Property Development and other areas integral to the modern animation community.  The Academy emphasizes the importance of strong fundamental skills and in building a solid artistic foundation essential to a successful creative career in animation and related fields.

Contact them at (818) 848-6590 or by sending them a message through the contact page on their website

Download Grant application PDF


Computer Graphics Master Academy (CGMA)

COMPUTER GRAPHICS MASTER ACADEMY was created by industry professionals to help artists across the world develop and cultivate their talents with the best possible training.  CGMA is a leading provider of online digital art education.  Through CG Master Classes and Master Workshops, CGMA provides comprehensive instruction for Concept Art, Illustration, and Entertainment Design.

Contact them at (800) 959-0316 (between 10AM – 3PM PST) or by email at

Download Grant application PDF


Concept Design Academy

CONCEPT DESIGN ACADEMY is a private design school committed to establishing a community where artists with passions for both traditional and entertainment arts can meet to develop their skills together.  Their goal is to provide the best art and design instruction available.

Contact them at (818) 669-4657 or by email at

Download Grant application PDF



GNOMON offers a variety of educational options to help students reach their goals in the entertainment industry. Classrooms have been designed to cultivate creativity and learning by mimicking the environments of real production studios. Their 30,000 square foot facility has nine state-of-the-art computer labs, a green screen stage, two cycloramas, dedicated sculpture labs, a drawing studio, lecture spaces, student lounges, a student store, and the Gnomon Gallery.

Contact them at (323) 466-6663 or email their front desk for further details.

Download Grant application PDF



LOS ANGELES ACADEMY OF FIGURATIVE ART (LAAFA) has a variety of art classes in drawing, painting, sculpting, digital and online options for beginning to professional artists.  Classes are conveniently offered 7-days a week to fit your busy schedule.  Classes are taught by skilled professional gallery and entertainment artists. LAAFA was named one of the Top 10 Best Art Schools by American Artist magazine.

Contact them at (818) 708-9232 or email Holly Miller, Director of Admissions, for further details.

Download Grant application PDF


Situ Art Academy

SITU ART ACADEMY was founded by a nationally recognized artist, Mian Situ and offers an artistic atmosphere for students and instructors to facilitate each other’s art growth. Situ Art Academy offers affordable art courses and workshops by professional artists to help students thrive in their art education.

Contact them at (919) 222-8762 or by email for further details.

Download Grant application PDF



SKILLWIRE offers skills training to motion picture industry union members for tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchUp and more.

Visit their website for further details.

Download Grant application PDF

For details on classes, contact the schools directly (above); for information on the grants, contact CSATTF or Mike Sauer at the Animation Guild.