Help! I’m Laid Off

Everything you hoped you would never need to know about being an unemployed screen cartoonist.

  • How do I file for unemployment insurance?
  • What is “honorable withdrawal” and how do I apply for it?
  • How can I adjust to “layoff mode”?

For these and many other questions, read our booklet, Help! I’m Laid Off!


This page is dedicated to providing information on the the Animation Guild 401(k) plan, the Motion Picture Pension and Health plans, as well as other benefits offered by union-friendly organizations to Animation Guild members. Click on the list below to be taken to the section you are interested in:

Animation Guild 401(k) Plan

401(k) Forms
401(k) Plan Forms ]

Members of the Animation Guild qualify for participation in The Animation Guild 401(k) plan.

Enrollment Booklet

Everything you need to get started as a participant in the Animation Guild 401(k) Plan can be found in the Enrollment Booklet. This booklet includes the Enrollment Form, Beneficiary Form and Rollover Form, and the investment fund reports.
Download PDF ] [ View Flash Flipbook ]

If You Would Like to Open a 401(k) Account
Guild members who wish to participate in the 401(k) program should find the Enrollment and Beneficiary forms on the 401(k) forms page by clicking here.

If You are an active and contributing participant in the plan
In order to access your account via the Mass Mutual website, including reviewing your account balance and daily performance, changing your asset distribution and retrieving statements that include your rate of return, you need to set up a PIN (personal identification number).  Contact the Guild 401(k) Plan Administrator Marta Strohl-Rowand at (818) 845-7500 ext. 114 or email.

If you have a PIN, you can access the site at by clicking here.

If Your Deductions Have Stopped
If you are participating in the Animation Guild 401(k) Plan and have recently changed studios, or if you had a hiatus and have returned to work at the same studio, your 401(k) deductions may have stopped. Check your paycheck stub; if there are no deductions showing or if you have questions, call the Guild 401(k) Plan Administrator Marta Strohl-Rowand at (818) 845-7500 ext. 114 or email her for info and assistance getting your 401k deductions started back up.

401(k) Relevant Links
Information on signing up and updating your plan.
401(k) Plan Forms ]

Plan Distributions: A “distribution” is a permanent removal of funds from the 401k Plan. A 401k Plan loan is not considered a permanent distribution.
Information on TAG 401(k) Plan Distributions ]

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Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Information

The Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Plan (MPIPHP) administers our health and pension benefits under the union collective bargaining agreement. (They are not to be confused with the Motion Picture & Television Fund, a charitable organization.)

Due to the fact that policies and forms are subject to change quickly, we have provided a page of links and forms that point back to the MPIPHP site to remain as up-to-date as possible.  For contact information and a list of specific phone numbers, e-mail links, and forms click here.

Motion Picture Industry Health Plans
Working at Guild signatory facilities brings eligibility for the Motion Picture Industry Health Plans. These plans are fully funded by producer and employer contributions and available to all Guild members who have earned enough hours to be eligible for enrollment. To learn more of the plan options, click here.

Motion Picture Industry Pension Plans
There are three parts to the Pension Plans available to Guild members.  Working at signatory studios earns members contributions to the Defined Benefit Plan and the Individual Account Plan. These contributions are fully funded by the employers and producers. The TAG 401(k) plan is optional to all members. To learn more about the plans, click here.

Pre-designating Your Personal Physician for Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment
If your employer provides group health coverage (either union or non-union), you are allowed to pre-designate your primary care physician as your personal physician for your workers’ compensation medical treatment. If you pre-designate your personal physician, you will be allowed to be treated by this doctor immediately after you are injured. If you fail to pre-designate your personal physician, your employer will select a physician for you. To pre-designate a physician, complete the following form in full, and send it to your employer’s human resources department (not to the Guild or the Health Plan).

Predesignnation Form ]

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Motion Picture And Television Fund

Going far beyond traditional health care, MPTF offers a continuum of care for the very young to the elderly by providing quality health care, child care, residential living and care for older adults, as well as social and charitable services.

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Actors Fund of America

The Actors’ Fund of America, a nonprofit organization founded in 1882, provides for the social welfare of all entertainment professionals—animators, designers, writers, sound technicians, musicians, dancers, administrators, directors, film editors, stagehands—as well as actors. Professionals in film, television, radio, theater, dance and music all turn to The Actors’ Fund in times of need.

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Musicians Interguild Federal Credit Union

As an Animation Guild Member, you qualify for membership with the Musicians Interguild Federal Credit Union.

Main Branch
817 N. Vine Street
Hollywood, CA 90038
(mailing address: POB 38610, Hollywood, CA 90038)
323-462-6447 or 323-462-6471
toll free: 1-800-393-3833
fax: 323-462-4411

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Union Plus

Union Plus provides consumer benefits to members and retirees of participating labor unions. The AFL-CIO created Union Privilege in 1986 to provide union members and their families with valuable consumer benefits. By using the collective buying power of unions, Union Plus is able to offer valuable, discounted products and services exclusively to working families.

To see the wide range of offerings provided, click and choose IATSE as your union.

Baichman and Daughters

The Baichman and Daughters insurance agency specializes in “instant and disposable” health insurance that begins the day you sign up, for new union members and those temporarily not qualified for union health coverage. You can reach them by calling (800) 794-9401.

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