The “Green” Peg-Board

In place of receiving the Peg-Board in your mailbox, you can register to receive an email letting you know that the latest issue is available for viewing. We will continue to mail the Peg-Board to all interested parties. Members who are active and on Honorable Withdrawal will receive the Peg-Board free of charge. Members on suspension and non-members can receive the Peg-Board for $15 per year.

Click the button below to be taken to our Email List form. Please fill it out and check [YES] to the Online Pegboard question at the bottom before submitting the form.

Computer Lab

Since moving to our new building in Burbank, we have focused on upgrading our computer lab. The lab now offers a professional setting in which to work, with some of the most up to date animation software and equipment at your disposal. Guild members are able to practice with software such as Toon Boom, along with the Adobe CS-6 Creative Suite which include Photoshop, Flash, and Illustrator. We also have two Cintiq drawing tablets to aid in updating your skills, and to work on personal projects as well.

Use of the lab is free and restricted to all Guild members (Active, Honorable Withdrawal, etc.) as well as all AAI students who registered their interest in using the lab with Lyn Mantta.

Email any questions or requests for reservations to:

TAG Computer Lab