Peg-Board 2017

The Peg-Board is the Animation Guild’s monthly newsletter.  It has been in print since 1960 and it is the longest continuously published union newsletter in Hollywood.

MARCH 2017

Animation Wage-Fixing Lawsuit; From The President: Last Edition; From The Business Rep: Why You Should Be A Delegate; 40 Means 40; April Gallery Show; General Membership Meeting


CGMA Spring Term; In Memoriam; From The President: Afternoon of Remembrance; What is the Grievance Procedure?; From The Business Rep: The Four Pillars of Success; March Gallery Show; General Membership Meeting


Coming Up Roses; Afternoon of Remembrance Invitation; From The President: Award Season; Pluralsight Training Subscriptions; Box Office Report; February Gallery Show; From The Business Rep: Social Media: It’s Important.; 2017 Calendar; General Membership Meeting