Peg-Board 2016

The Peg-Board is the Animation Guild’s monthly newsletter. It has been in print since 1960 and it is the longest continuously published union newsletter in Hollywood.

APRIL 2016

From The Pres: About Testing; CGMA: Register Today For Spring Term; AGAINST: Job Testing: Stop The Madness; FOR: In Support of Job Testing; In Memoriam; From The Biz Rep: Simple? Or Complicated?; Gallery 839 May 2016 Show; From The Editor: We All Deserve Respect; Save The Date – Golf Tournament

MARCH 2016

Member Profiles; March General Membership Meeting; From The Pres: So You’re Working Non-Union; In Memoriam/ Across The Board Correction; From The Biz Rep: From The Old Mail Bag; Gallery 839 April 2016 Show; From The Editor: New Member Pamphlets; Save The Date – Golf Tournament


Call For Shop Stewards; Contract Holidays; Another Player In The Animated Features Division; From The Biz Rep: Of Unpaid Overtime And Other Contract Infractions; From The Pres: Lessons From An Old Friend; Tom Sito’s This Month In Animation; From The Editor: Welcome To The Union; Gallery 839 March 2016 Show; March General Membership Meeting;


Popularity And Clout; CGMA Winter Term Flyer; MPI Needs To Know; 2016 Contract Holidays; From The Biz Rep: The IATSE Executive Board; Across The Board: Story; An Afternoon Of Remembrance Invite; Tom Sito’s This Month In Animation; From The Editor: My Eido Experience; Gallery 839 February 2016 Show; February’s General Membership Meeting;