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Come to our non-holiday holiday party on January 7; An evening spent swearing; Pay your dues online!; From the Business Representative: Piracy and your benefits, by Steve Hulett; Events calendar; In memoriam: Ernie Guanlao, Ann Oliphant, Jacinto Ponce and Don Schloat; “Why is it on January 7?”

Hulett re-elected as Business Rep; From the Business Representative: Two months later, by Steve Hulett; Restarting your 401 (k) Plan; Coming up at Gallery 839; Getting your health benefits started; Events calendar; Are you listed?; Contract holidays in 2010 and 2011; Q&A: My supervisor hates me; Do you know where this is?; Draw cartoons for Ronald McDonald’s Good Times; When is a holiday party not a holiday party?; General membership meeting: Tuesday, November 30

Bob Foster elected TAG President, Karen Nugent challenges Steve Hulett; Film piracy robs American workers, by Matthew D. Loeb; Jeff Gatrall at Gallery 839 starting November 5; A life celebration for Pres Romanillos; From the Organizer: When did Union become a dirty word?, by Steve Kaplan; Come see us at CTN eXpo!; Freelance: It’s not a magic word; TAG’s annual party set for January 11; Computer Lab offers free Toon Boom Storyboard Pro demo; Unionize Technicolor Glendale!

Officer elections begin this month; Unemployed? Save ??? on your dues; Dave Brain’s parting request; Dan Thompson at Gallery 839 in October; Studio Arts offers fall semester classes; In memoriam: Betty Brooks and Phil Lewis; On the meeting agenda

A challenge to the membership, by Tom Sito; From the Business Representative: A long answer to a short question, by Steve Hulett; Contract minimums increase 2%; From the Organizer: My meeting with Alex Alvarez, by Steve Kaplan; Running for office; What do the officers do?; Be careful about invoice dates; Events calendar; In memoriam: Pres Romanillos

JULY 2010
Seven reasons to be an Executive Board member; From the Business Representative: Successful work and wasted work, by Steve Hulett; Minimums increase on August 1, 2010; Our first anniversary on Hollywood Way; Member wage survey, June 2010; August at Gallery 839: Phil Lewis drawings; Sugar and spice on July 9; Looking for a lot of good artists for Gallery 839; In memoriam: Vonnie Batson, Louis Gorham, Betty Kimball and Robert McIntosh

JUNE 2010
Pres-Aid a smash success; From the Business Representative: The state of Cartoonland, by Steve Hulett; From our (new) organizer, by Steve Kaplan; June 9: Girls Drawin’ Girls at Gallery 839; Events calendar; Studio Arts announces its summer class lineup; In memoriam: Robert Dettloff, Shana Ozark and Dan Read; Paying to work?

MAY 2010
Pres-Aid coming up, June 4 and 13; Information and misinformation; From the Business Representative: How to build your assets (and where to put them), by Steve Hulett); Selections from the Pres-Aid auction; Events calendar; Helping writers get what they are owed; Send in your wage survey!; General membership meeting; Panel on writing for children’s action shows

APRIL 2010
Aiding Pres with Pres-Aid; From the Business Representative: Industry lessons I have learned, by Steve Hulett; Discussing health plans at the membership meeting; What about the health insurance reform bill?; MPTF health centers; Events calendar; A happy ending (sort of); In memoriam: John Garling, Diane Jacobs Matranga and Tom Ray; Out of work? Keep up-to-date!

MARCH 2010
Your health plan choices: a panel on March 30; Artists go “Beyond Yellow”; From the Business Representative: Tangled and terminated, by Steve Hulett; Do you know who your shop steward is?; An afternoon spent remembering; Events Calendar; CSATTF training grants for 2010-2011; In memoriam: Ann Hamilton, Rudy Larriva and Kevin Sheedy; Out of work? Don’t pay your dues!; Membership meeting: March 30, 2010

Gallery 839 “First Friday” opens with a splash; From the Business Representative: Organizing, by Steve Hulett; Q&A about Gallery 839; Events Calendar; Out of work? Keep up-to-date!; A free computer lab for members; Employee practices: A handout; In memoriam: Barry Blitzer and Mignonnette Kerby Sterges; Pay your dues online; Restarting your 401(k) contributions; An afternoon of remembrance: March 13, 2010

Gallery 839 sets its opening show; From the Business Representative: The state of the industry, the state of the Guild, by Steve Hulett; From the President: First Friday shows at Gallery 839, by Kevin Koch; In memoriam: Lillian Chapman, Roy E. Disney, John Freeman, Dana Landsberg and Catherine Parotino; Events Calendar; Restarting your 401(k) contributions; Letters: Defending our right to choose, by Rudy Cataldi; An afternoon of remembrance: March 13, 2010