2015 Ratification

It is time for the Guild membership to vote to ratify the agreement reached with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers for the new three-year contract. For the first time, and to increase member participation, the contract ratification vote will be made available online. Members will soon receive voting packets from the American Arbitration Association.

The packets will contain a cover letter from President Thomas and Steve Hulett, the Ratification Q&A Sheet, and instructions on how to vote either online through the website they’ve established, or by telephone, using the PIN they’ve established for you. If for some reason you are unable cast your ballot using the online or telephone system, you are welcome to come to the Guild office to use a computer we have setup for you to use.

Only members in good standing who have fully paid their initiation fees will have their vote counted! You can contact the Guild office to check your voting eligibility and make arrangements for any payments necessary. All outstanding payments must be made before the ratification deadline to ensure your vote is counted.

Voting deadline is August 26st, 2015.