2018 Contract Ratification FAQ

Q: What is ratification?
A: Ratification is the step where the union members vote on whether to accept the current agreement. The current agreement is tentative, and requires a majority vote of the members to ratify. Once ratified, the tentative agreement will be accepted and the new terms will be in place for the 3-year term of the agreement (Aug 1, 2018 through and including July 31, 2021)
Q: How and when will ratification take place?
A: Members will vote on the agreement, and their decision will determine whether the agreement is accepted. Similar to 2015, members will be sent contract information via U.S. mail to their mailing address on file with the Animation Guild. This will happen on or around October 9, 2018. A Memorandum of Agreement detailing the contract changes will be posted on the Animation Guild website (animationguild.org) for all members to read. Voting will be done by telephone or internet. The window for voting will be open for approximately two weeks, and votes will be tallied to determine the result.
Q: What is the recommendation of the Negotiating Committee?
A: The Negotiating Committee strongly recommends a vote of “Yes” for ratification. We feel this is a good deal overall that addresses the key concerns raised by members.
Q: What happens if members vote no? Will we get a better deal?
If the contract is not ratified by the members, there are no guaranteed outcomes. While it is possible that the union could achieve better results, it is also possible that the outcomes could worsen. None of the terms of the tentative agreement are kept – a negotiation committee would need to be re-formed, and the process would start over again. It is possible that the union would request a strike authorization vote from the membership. A high percentage of members voting to authorize a strike signals to the employer that members are willing to support their negotiation committee in achieving their desired outcomes.
Q: Have other contracts not ratified? What happened?
Searching recent history, we could find no entertainment union contract that failed to ratify. While there was debate about the 2006 IATSE Basic Agreement and the 2009 SAG Theatrical & TV agreement, both of these agreements ratified. Search for these on Google to learn more.
Q: I have a question that wasn’t covered – where can I find out more?
A: Please read the material on the Animation Guild website – animationguild.org – and call the union office at 818-845-7500. You can also email the Business Representative, Steve Kaplan or TAG President, Jeanette Moreno King.