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2019 TAG Executive Board Nominees Announced

Alexandra Drosu / October 2, 2019

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Nominations for Animation Guild President, Vice President, Business Representative, Recording Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms and 11 Executive Board seats took place at the General Membership Meeting on Sept. 24. The meeting was attended by more than 200 Animation Guild members.

Members can meet the candidates and ask questions at a Candidate Forum on Oct. 22, 2019, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Please RSVP if you plan to attend. Additional reminders will be forthcoming.

A Special Election edition of the Pegboard presenting candidate statements will be available in mid-October.

Candidates for Executive Board officers (in the order nominated) are as follows:


Jeanette Moreno King (currently on the Executive Board)

Gavin Dell 

Vice President

Jack Thomas

Candice Stephenson (currently on the Executive Board)

Business Representative

Steve Kaplan (currently on the Executive Board) 

Recording Secretary

Paula Spence (incumbent)

Lee Crowe


Robert St. Pierre (incumbent) 

In addition to the nominations for officers, 25 members are running for 11 open positions on The Animation Guild Executive Board. The nominees (in the order nominated) are as follows: 

Greg Colton                                                    David DePasquale

Richard Arons                                                Gavin Freitas

Stephen Silver                                                Michael Milo

Crystal Kan                                                     Emily Walus

Cynthia Petrovic                                             Ashby Manson

Eugene Salandra                                            Elisa Phillips 

K.C. Johnson (current President)              Spencer Knapp (inc.)

Morgan Ducker                                              John Cusumano

Roger Oda                                                       Jason Mayer (inc.)  

David Gemmill                                               Jorge Garcia

Brandon Jarratt (inc.)                                   Laura Hohman

David Shair                                                     Carrie Liao

Ryan Khatam

* Inc. denotes an incumbent candidate

Seven nominees were disqualified in accordance with the rules outlined by The Animation Guild Constitution and By-Laws (Article 6, Section 1, pg. 8). The TAG Executive Board offered individuals an opportunity to appeal the ruling, and the process was reviewed by lawyer Michael Feinberg of Schwartz, Steinsapir, Dohrmann & Sommers, to ensure eligibility requirements were followed appropriately. Executive Board members with conflicts of interest recused themselves from the hearings. This appeals process was an important part of ensuring that the Animation Guild is conducting the 2019 TAG elections in as fair and inclusive a manner as possible while upholding labor law and our constitutional requirements.

As outlined by The Animation Guild’s Constitution, the American Arbitration Association (AAA), a third-party vendor entrusted with ensuring the integrity of the election, will mail out ballots on Oct. 21, 2019. Only active members who have paid their 2019 4thquarter dues by 5 p.m. on Nov. 8, 2019 will be eligible to vote. For the avoidance of any doubt, individuals must have fully paid all dues, assessments, and fees and must have fulfilled all their obligations for becoming members, including returning a completed membership application to the union office for processing and having that application successfully processed. Membership is dependent on all parts of the membership process being completed successfully! Ballots will be counted at the AAA’s Los Angeles office on Nov. 9, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. On the Monday following the count, the results will be posted on the Animation Guild website and announced via email. A motion and vote took place at the meeting to acknowledge Robert St. Pierre as the winner of the Sergeant-at-Arms office, an uncontested seat, so his name will not appear on the ballot.  For more information on election procedure, visit our news page.

If you have any questions about your membership status, please call the union office at 818-845-7500 or email We want all those that are eligible to vote in the upcoming election!




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