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CSATTF Skills Training Reimbursement Grant

The Animation Guild Collective Bargaining Agreement mandates an hourly contribution to the Contract Services Administration Trust Fund (CSATF) to all signator studios.  These contributions help fund a Skills Training Grant that subsidize training programs for IATSE members.  Each year, The Animation Guild attempts to renew all existing programs and courses, as well as include new training vendors in the program, in order for members to receive skills training for either partial or full reimbursement of class costs.  If you would like to see a school included in the program, email Mike Sauer to get the process started.

In order to receive reimbursement from the grant for the cost of an approved class, Animation Guild members must first submit an application to CSATTF to take an approved class.

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Local Provided vs. Vendor Provided

There are two types of applications for the CSATTF Skills Training Grant program: Local Provided or Vendor Provided.

Local Provided programs are arranged and provided by the Guild to address specific skills enhancement needs.  CSATTF regulations allow members to teach the classes as long as they are identified as experts in the skills being taught, or bring in an outside vendor to teach the class.  These classes can be held at any convenient facility, including at the Guild.  For all approved classes, CSATTF will pay for all class expenses, but cannot pay the Guild or a Guild official directly.  This year’s approved Local Provided classes will be held both at the Guild and at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (LAAFA).

Vendor Provided classes are completely administered by outside training facilities.  These schools create their own curriculum and hold their classes either online or in their classrooms.  The Animation Guild annually applies to include schools and specific classes they offer that are pertinent to our members.  Members who get approval from CSATTF to attend approved classes will be reimbursed two-thirds of the class cost.