Warner Bros. Auto-Enrollment


Eligible members at Warner Bros. Animation are being automatically enrolled into The Animation Guild’s 401(k) plan commencing on the first pay date in January 2020.


Who qualifies?

Members of TAG who are regular full-time employees at Warner Bros. Animation studio as of October 1st 2019 and are still working at Warner Bros. on January 1st, 2020.


Are you about to be auto-enrolled?

You should have received a notice in the mail from Vanguard about the auto-enrollment component to The Animation Guild 401(k) Plan that affects regular full-time employees at Warner Bros. Animation that are represented by Local 839, the Animation Guild.

View 1st Notice

View 2nd Notice

If you don’t do anything, beginning in January 2020 you will be automatically enrolled in the Animation Guild 401(k) plan with a default deferral rate of 6% of your salary. Your default investment choice will be the Vanguard Target date fund that corresponds to your anticipated retirement date, using your birthdate and a retirement age of 65.


Don’t wait – Enroll now!

If you would like to enroll now ahead of January, that works too. Complete either the Easy Enrollment form or the more detailed Long-Form Enrollment/Change form to start (or re-start) 401(k) contributions. Follow the instructions on either form to return it to the Animation Guild office.

Easy Enrollment Form

Simple, one-step, first-time enrollment form.

View Form


Long-Form Enrollment/Change Form

This full-service long form can be used to:
1) Enlist as a new participant
2) Change the percentage of contributions taken out of your paycheck (including reducing contributions to zero)
3) Change the designated employer authorized to make 401(k) deductions

View Form

Note: Do not use this form to change how your funds are invested.  To change how your funds are invested, log into your account on the Vanguard website.


Not Interested?

If you don’t want to participate in the Animation Guild 401(k) plan, send us an email request.  You have 60 days from Jan. 1 to stop deductions and request your money back. We will verify your status as part of the auto-enrollment group and then send you the forms and information you’ll need to get your money back.


Please note – all forms must be returned to the Animation Guild office. Please follow the directions on the form and call if you have questions. After submission: please contact us to confirm receipt of the form.


Still have questions regarding Auto-Enrollment or other general 401(k) issues? Call the office at (818) 845-7500 or email 401k@tag839.org.