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Guild Presidential Election at next Membership Meeting!

Steve Kaplan / January 16, 2015

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At the December Executive Board meeting, Guild President Nathan Loofbourrow announced his intention to resign his office. According to Article 6, Section 9(a) of our Constitution and By-Laws, the presidential vacancy must be filled at the January General Membership meeting. Any eligible member of the Guild has the opportunity to be nominated and elected at the meeting.

In order to hold the office of President, a member must meet the eligibility criteria as defined in Article 6, Section 1(i) of the Constitution which states that members who wish to be considered for the open position must have become an active member of the local *and* not have been suspended or taken Honorable Withdrawal since January 25, 2013.


a member paying their initiation fee is NOT considered an active member, but rather a member in the process of joining and therefore not eligible vote or hold an elected office.

If you wish to verify your eligibility, you can call the Guild office at 818-845-7500 during regular business hours (Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm)

All votes of active members in good standing will count in the election! Please make every possible effort to attend the meeting and cast your vote for our new President!

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