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Category: Business Savvy

Jobs and Networking

Steve Hulett / April 1, 2015

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At last night’s General Membership meeting, there was lengthy discussion about ways to find jobs in the animation business. Some bullet points: * Have a portfolio on-line in various formats: quick time, single frame, etc. Show a variety of styles, and most recent work up top. * The Animation Guild offers “Member Profile” pages (which…

President Emeritus Sito Speaks

Steve Hulett / January 25, 2015

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Mr. Sito today on his facebook page: With the layoffs at Sony and Dreamworks, some animators fear this is “the End of All Things”. But layoffs are just another part of being in animation. I was laid off many times. When I first arrived in LA, the biggest, stablest studios were Hanna & Barbera, DePatie…

Adapting to a Changing Business

Steve Hulett / December 29, 2014

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Artists have to do it as much as anyone, here in the 21st century. … AS THE BUSINESS of comics syndication has changed, tethered as much as it is to the fate and fortunes of newspapers, it has been especially great to see cartoonists enjoy opportunities in other creative realms in 2014. “Doonesbury’s” Garry Trudeau…

The Unionizing Thing

Steve Kaplan / December 13, 2014

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As somebody who lives inside organized labor, this is heartening: Federal officials unveiled new rules on Friday that will streamline and simplify the union election process, a reform long sought by labor unions and fiercely opposed by businesses. Among other changes, the rules issued by the National Labor Relations Board will limit some of the…

Profit Margins

Steve Kaplan / November 18, 2014

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The Fool shines a light on Disney movie grosses and Disney profits. … Marvel’s The Avengers set new opening weekend records in May 2012, going on to earn over $1.5 billion worldwide. Among Disney pictures, only Frozen has produced more profit since the studio took full control of Pixar in May 2006. Most Profitable Films…

What Molly Said

Steve Kaplan / November 5, 2014

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Sent by a constant reader: … Companies are not loyal to you. Please never believe a company has your back. They are amoral by design and will discard you at a moment’s notice. Negotiate aggressively, ask other freelancers what they’re getting paid, and don’t buy into the financial negging of some suit. I’ve cobbled together…