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Category: Lunch & Learn Recap

Lunch & Learn Recap: Side Hustles Teaching

Kim Fay / August 31, 2023

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On August 23, TAG Member Programs Coordinator Jackie Huang led a panel on teaching as a side hustle with TAG members Mauricio Abril, Lindsey Pollard, and Angela Sung. Panelists shared how they got started, the challenges they’ve faced, the rewards of teaching, and more. Mauricio Abril has taught classes at CG Master Academy (CGMA), Brainstorm,…

Lunch & Learn Recap: Level Up: Career Longevity

Kim Fay / August 3, 2023

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On Wednesday, July 12, 2023, TAG members Kimson Albert, Amber Hardin, and Paula Spence participated in a Q&A about career longevity, led by TAG Member Programs Coordinator Jackie Huang. Panelists discussed how to sustain an enduring—and satisfying—animation career, as well as shared experiences from their own multi-decade careers in the industry. Panelists: Kimson Albert Timing…

Lunch & Learn Recap: Freelance 101

Kim Fay / June 21, 2023

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  On June 14, 2023, TAG Member Programs Coordinator Jackie Huang led a Q&A with TAG Business Representative Steve Kaplan about freelancing at Union studios. Topics included the definition of a freelancer, how freelance hours affect health benefits, how to keep track of freelance hours, and more. What is a freelancer in the animation industry,…

Lunch & Learn Recap: Union Plus Benefits

Kim Fay / May 22, 2023

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On May 10, Union Plus Brand Representative Brea Ellis discussed the many Union Plus benefits available to Union members. She was joined by John Hemmesch of Wells Fargo, who spoke about the bank’s Union Plus home mortgage program. Established in the 1980s, Union Plus provides benefits for union members off the job. This includes extending…

Lunch & Learn Recap: Organizing Goals

Kim Fay / May 1, 2023

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“Organizing provides people with the opportunity to become aware of their own capabilities and potential.” – Fred Ross, Sr. What does the word “organizing” mean and why is it important? On April 26, 2023, TAG Organizer Allison Smartt explained the history of our parent Union and discussed how organizing animation industry workers benefits current TAG members and strengthens the future…

Lunch & Learn Recap: Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure

Kim Fay / October 4, 2022

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On September 27, 2022, James Stewart, a professional registered parliamentarian, spoke about how and why to use Parliamentary Procedure during Union meetings, the relationship between Parliamentary Procedure and our bylaws, and more. The talk was hosted by the Young Workers Committee whose chair, Nora Meeks, introduced Stewart. Parliamentary Procedure, also known as Rules of Order,…

Lunch & Learn Recap: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

Kim Fay / August 30, 2022

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On August 24, Lori Rubinstein, Executive Director of Behind the Scenes, shared tools, resources, and information about mental health care and suicide prevention specifically for IATSE and entertainment industry workers and their families. Launched in 2019, Behind the Scenes is a mental health and suicide prevention initiative with a focus on the unique nature of…

Lunch & Learn Recap: Navigating the 401(k) Plan

Kim Fay / August 2, 2022

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On July 15, Bud Green, a retirement plan consultant from SageView Advisory Group, provided an overview of 401(k) plans including information on plans available to TAG members. Green’s presentation included what types of plans to choose at specific ages, what to invest, taxes, the market, and more. Your goal should be to have enough money…

Lunch & Learn Recap: Buying Your First Home

Kim Fay / July 15, 2022

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On June 15, Executive Board Director Paula Spence moderated a panel of experts from First Entertainment Credit Union and Wells Fargo on home mortgages geared toward first-time home buyers. Loan Officer Edward Chou led the First Entertainment team and Private Mortgage Banker Sheila Berger led the Wells Fargo team in offering information and professional insights…

Lunch & Learn Recap: Getting Your Next Gig

Kim Fay / May 24, 2022

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On May 18, TAG Members Coordinator Jackie Huang moderated a Zoom panel on getting your next job with three TAG members: Christine Le: Storyboard Revisionist (Craig of the Creek, The Fungies, Rugrats) Danny Ducker: Executive Board Member, Cartoon Network Shop Steward, and Storyboard Supervisor (We Bare Bears, Amphibia, Fionna and Cake) Mira Crowell: ShadowMachine…

Lunch & Learn Recap: How to Plan & Navigate Your Retirement Journey

Kim Fay / May 23, 2022

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On April 6, Bud Green, a retirement plan consultant from SageView Advisory Group, presented an overview of fundamentals for retirement planning, including tips for Social Security and Medicare, the mechanics of 401(k) and IRA withdrawals, and balancing risks when investing. Spending and expenses When planning for retirement, there are three types of spending and expenses…

Lunch & Learn Recap: Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment

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On March 17th, in partnership with the FAM Committee, TAG hosted a virtual Lunch & Learn about infertility diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Connie Cheng, an obstetrician and gynecologist practicing at UCLA Health in the Burbank and Pasadena areas, discussed statistics, referrals, and treatment options to assist those facing infertility issues. Below is an overview of…