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TAG Sponsors Two Resolutions for District 2 Convention

Alexandra Drosu / June 3, 2019

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For the first time in recent history, The Animation Guild delegates will be proposing not one but two resolutions at the upcoming IATSE District 2 convention in Hawai’i (June 7-9). “By doing so, we’re becoming more vocal members of the IATSE community and we’re representing our members’ concerns in an actionable way,” says Kristin Donner,…

Meet Leslie Simmons

Alexandra Drosu / May 6, 2019

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With almost 4,700 artists, writers and technicians under Local 839’s jurisdiction, the Executive Board determined that our growing membership needs more staff to serve them in the field. Our recent search for a Field Representative yielded several incredibly qualified and great candidates, including Leslie Simmons, who will now work alongside Steve Kaplan to ensure our…

Make a Pact with our PAC

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What is a PAC? A Political Action Committee is a federally-regulated account created for the purposes of raising and spending money to help elect or defeat candidates or oppose legislation seeking to undermine labor rights and interests. In 1943 Congress passed the Smith Connally Act as an effort to deny a union’s ability to financially…

David Block: An Impressionist Journey

Alexandra Drosu / April 22, 2019

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David Block has spent over 43 years as an Animator, Producer/Director, Character Designer, Overseas Supervisor, and Overseas Consultant working for Chuck Jones, Richard Williams and Abe Levitow. In 1977, David began a 33 year career at Walt Disney Studios where he animated on eight feature films. In 1985, David was a key member in creating Walt…

Lunch & Learn Recap: What to Expect When You’re Expecting in Animation

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On Apr. 9th, the Family and Personal Leave Subcommittee hosted a panel discussion on what you need to know if you are considering starting a family. The subcommittee’s co-chair Kristin Donner (who successfully advocated for TAG’s first-ever Parental Leave Policy), storyboard artist and father of three Neil Graf, mother and background artist Teri Hendrich Cusumano,…

Member Spotlight: Rebecca Sugar

Alexandra Drosu / April 9, 2019

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At the 30th annual GLAAD Media Awards, Steven Universe received a groundbreaking recognition as the first animated series to receive an award in the Outstanding Kids & Family Programming category. Celebrating its sixth anniversary this may, the show has been acknowledged not only for its LGBTQIA+ themes but also its depiction of healthy interpersonal relationships. We…

Steve Kaplan: TAG’s new field representative

Alexandra Drosu /

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Many of you already know Steve Kaplan. He worked at the Local between 2010 and 2015. He is also on the Animation Guild’s Executive Board, serves as a Trustee and participated in contract negotiations. What you may not know about him? That he is a zythophile (look it up!) and brews his own beer with…

Committee & Member Updates

Alexandra Drosu / March 25, 2019

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Calling all Animators! TAG members Tom Riffel, Drew Newman and Crystal Stromer have joined forces to create an Animator’s Committee for Local 839 members. “We seek to raise awareness of the issues animators are facing in today’s climate and wish to explore the benefits of keeping more animation work in-house,” the trio says. “Our craft…

Did you know? You can qualify yourself for training now!

Alexandra Drosu / March 11, 2019

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Up until recently, only your employer could pre-qualify you for training classes. That has changed! In the past, this process (of providing proof of 30 days worked in the past two years) was tied to registering for Skills Training. Now, TAG 839 members can prove eligibility for Skills Training through Contract Services even if they aren’t…

Understanding Your Credit Score

Alexandra Drosu / January 28, 2019

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Did you miss the last Lunch & Learn? On Jan. 23, Brock Collins, the Senior Membership Development officer at First Entertainment, came to the Guild to help members understand their credit score better—what affects it and how you can improve your score. For those who couldn’t attend, here are a few highlights from his talk….

Storyboard Deadlines … Storyboard Timelines

Steve Hulett / March 16, 2016

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A veteran board artist writes: I’ve been doing TV storyboards for 25 years and this deadline thing is really getting ridiculous. It was insane when they moved the deadline for 11 minutes of board from 6 to 5 weeks but 4 weeks for a finished board is NUTS. I am assuming that this squeezing of…

Board Artists

Steve Hulett / January 29, 2016

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At Tuesday night’s General Membership Meeting, there was a lengthy back-and-forth on storyboard artists, their current pressures and current schedules. Show schedules are too short. Production people want way more panels than a “Bill Peet” style board. You have to almost animate the action for the animatic. In features, they throw out part of a…