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Committee Updates

Alexandra Drosu / October 21, 2019

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The committees have been working hard to support initiatives benefitting the TAG community and its members. Here’s a brief recap of what is going on:

Animators Committee

The Animators Committee completed their survey with over 100 responses and will be presenting the data at their next Animators Committee meeting at the guild hall, October 28th at 7 p.m. The committee is currently finalizing plans to create an Instagram account to showcase the personal work of fellow animators.

Color Designer Committee

The Color Designer Committee has been working in coordination with members in other IATSE Locals who are also experiencing pay inequity in female dominated crafts, in order to help bring this issue to the forefront for all below-the-line workers within the entertainment industry. The next Color Designer Committee meeting is scheduled for November 13th. Please contact to RSVP.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is continuing their work on TAG A To Z—a set of union and contract terms and definitions that will be shared with members through social media starting in January as part of an education initiative.  Other items being discussed include developing information sheets on bullying, coordinating with other committees to maximize project outreach, resurrection of the TAG website discussion forums, and a possible website redesign and future app development. If you are interested in volunteering to create artwork for the social media campaign please email

Design Committee

The Design Committee is still collecting and analyzing data from their survey! If you’d like to participate please take a moment to fill it out here: If you’d like to be involved further, you can post the survey flyer at a pegboard around your office  or share the survey link with designers. We are using data gathered from designers to identify priorities specific to the design crafts! For questions or comments please email

Queer TAG

Queer TAG is organizing a Zine from queer artists in the industry, as well as a meet and greet mixer. We are growing and expanding our reach through the community. Please join our Facebook group! You can find us at Queer TAG, or send a message/friend request to Nora Meek and/or Andy Garner-Flexner to join! Our email is

Storyboard Committee

The Storyboard Committee is hosting their 4th event in the Supervisor School series on 10/24 at 7 p.m. Samantha Arnett, Kiki Manrique and Jen Bennett  will share their perspectives and ideas on successful leadership including addressing stress, maintaining a dialogue with your team and adapting supervisory styles to new productions. 

Testing Committee

TAG’s Testing Committee is collecting submissions for “Testing Nightmares,” a project intended to shine a light on the worst of the worst when it comes to exploitative testing practices in animation. Anyone interested in sharing their stories (anonymously and securely) can go to The Committee also meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm in Hulett Hall, and is always open to new members!

Writers Craft Group

The next informal Writers Craft Group meeting will be Monday, October 28th from 7:30-10:00 p.m. at The Darkroom, 7302 Melrose Ave. Feel free to come by and meet other writers, take our craft survey and arm-wrestle over the Oxford Comma. 

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