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Committee Updates – Feb. 3, 2020

Alexandra Drosu / February 3, 2020

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Animator’s Committee

We will be having our first quarter Animators meeting at the guild February 18th, also known as international wine day! As always, union and non-union animators, compositors, and FX folk are welcome to attend! Please RSVP to

Color Designer Committee

The Color Designer Committee has launched their new online campaign #CreditColorDesigners. Each Friday we will feature a different Color Designer and their work on our Committee’s social media pages, which can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under the handle @colordesign839, or you can use the links below:


We are still looking for members to feature in future posts. If you have done professional work credited as a Color Designer that you are allowed to share publicly, then please send your portfolio to to be considered.

FAM Committee

The FAM Committee would like to continue promoting the Hollywood Survey among our members.  The Hollywood Survey is the next step in the journey to creating safe, equitable workplaces in the entertainment industry.

Memorial Committee

The Memorial Committee is moving full speed ahead on the event date of Feb. 29th for the Afternoon of Remembrance. Guest Speakers expected to come include Don Hahn, Jerry Beck, Charles Solomon, Sue Kroyer, Claire Williams,  and many more. Kobe Bryant will be listed in next year’s event. 

Queer TAG Committee

Queer TAG is soliciting submissions or interest in the Queer TAG Zine! Submit your page count soon on your content on the theme of “queer” in the animation industry, with final submissions due March 1st! Email for more info or to submit!

Testing Committee

Unpaid work always comes at a cost. Help inspire a cultural change in the industry by coming to a testing committee meeting. The next date is Feb. 20th, 7-9. p.m. RSVP at If you missed it, check out Committee Chair Danny Ducker’s article in Keyframe on Hiring Humanely!

Young Workers Committee

The Young Workers Committee is having its first meeting of 2020 on February 10th at 6:30pm at the Animation Guild! Co-chairs Nora Meek and Zach Wells will address overwork and burnout, help connect with the young workers committee  and more.


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