Animation FAM

Mother’s Day #AnimationFAM 

Featured: Guild parents Fawn Veerasunthorn, Ryan Green, and their daughter Kina.

Credits: Fawn Veerasunthorn is Head of Story at Walt Disney Animation Studios, where she recently completed work on Raya and the Last Dragon. Ryan Green is Story Lead on Us Again, and a Director for the Short Circuit program at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Follow Fawn & Ryan on Instagram @fawnv @ryangreenart.

On work and co-parenting:

Fawn: I wouldn’t [have been] able to finish ‘Raya’ last year without Ryan flexing his ultimate dad powers.

Ryan: Many of the studios we’ve worked with over the last 18 years thrive on the power of young artists who can dedicate all of their hours to their job and that was a major reason we waited so long to have a child. Disney Animation, however, has been very understanding of family life and work-life balance and I feel very fortunate that Fawn and I have been able to have a career AND build a family. [L]uckily Fawn and I have been able to zig while the other is zagging enough to make it work. The world needs art, but the world also needs parents to be present in the lives of their children. A studio that offers an opportunity for both will, ultimately, draw and retain experienced artists who are ready to enrich their lives with parenthood.