Kevin Kramer

Father’s Day #AnimationFAM

Featured: Guild dad Kevin Kramer and his sons, Myles and Jack. 

Credits: Kevin is a two-time Emmy-nominated writer, story editor, creator, and occasional whittler whose credits include Archibald’s Next Big Thing, Chowder, Harvey Beaks, and Scooby-Doo. He is currently in development with Silvergate Media.

On Childhood:

Kevin: As a kid, I had a routine after school: My 8-year-old self would hop off the school bus, make a bologna and cheese sandwich, and wait for Tom & Jerry to begin on our wooden, floor-console television. If I got home early, I’d sit on a stool and stare down the oven clock and watch the minutes tick down to showtime. I never thought I would one day write cartoons. Growing up in rural Ohio, surrounded by woods and creeks, many dawns and dusks and in-betweens were spent imagining storylines as I played outside. I’m convinced that I do what I do in animation because of that early exploratory freedom to create stories of all kinds. And I’m forever grateful to my parents for that gift.

Being a single dad raising two wild animals can sometimes be a challenge – though I’m reminded often of my own childhood and just how important storytelling and play really are. My boys and I explore the world and create together quite a bit, so I see first-hand how our adventures can feed and form growing minds. I even love talking shop with Myles and Jack – sometimes referring to them as “my own personal focus group,” bouncing ideas around with them for inspiration. It’s fun hearing their wacky ideas for a scene. Their input also keeps me in check and reminds me not to overthink things. It reminds me to ask myself, “Why not?” After all, the world of animation is limitless (I mean, depending on the budget, I suppose). Myles, who is now 8 himself, has come to understand quite a bit of animation jargon and will usually run up to me with a fun new idea or show concept… some of which are pretty darn good. I love what I do in the industry, but I’m mostly proud of being a father. I can’t wait to see what my boys create next. They’re currently in pre-production on an action comedy, starring our weirdo cat, Walnut.