WIA + TAG Celebrate Dads – Michael Pisano

How has working from home changed your experience of being a parent?

Working from home during the pandemic has definitely made me a more patient and engaged parent. I thought I was pretty good before, but because the world slowed down, it made me realize how little I was actually engaging with my two daughters (8 and 4 years old) on a personal and emotional level because of how overly scheduled everything was. They don’t necessarily have my undivided attention all day because I do have to work, but being available physically throughout the day has been amazing for us.

It’s also great to sometimes stop and show them what I am working on. Animation is magic and sharing what I have been working on is another way for us to connect and creates an opportunity for them to ask questions and learn. I love that. It’s also great to take breaks to just be with them. There’s no boss telling me that I can’t! It’s definitely hard juggling my work schedule, my wife’s work schedule and their schooling, but I actually dread the day I have to go to an office. I will miss being around them all the time.