WIA + TAG Celebrate Dads – Nate Wragg

How has working from home changed your experience of being a parent?

Working from home has given me such a better work/life balance than I could have ever hoped for.  In our house, I have been the parent who primarily worked and my wife stayed home with my daughter, which for any stay-at-home parent is full-time work in itself.  And, since this change and I’ve had the chance to work from home, I’ve felt so lucky to be a part of all the little things my family did before that I only heard about.  Helping with homework, picnics for lunch, cooking dinner together and the occasional quick bike ride between meetings has been amazing to be a part of.  I’ve loved getting to trade in the sounds of my freeway commute, for sounds of my daughter playing in the backyard outside my new office window.  One of my WFH highlights so far was taking a homeschool field trip with my wife and daughter to the poppies during my lunch break, something I surely would have missed before but now I get to be a part of.