Contract Services suspends skills training program

We have recently learned that Contract Services Administration Trust Fund (CSATF) has been forced to suspend the Skills Training program. Like many other organizations, CSATF has been seriously impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Most of CSATF’s revenue comes from contributions linked to hours worked under union agreements, much like MPI. The significant impact on The entertainment industry has had a drastic negative impact on CSATF’s funding. 

CSATF recognizes that many members will be disappointed to hear this news but a temporary suspension of the skills training program will allow them to continue offering mandatory services such as Safety and Harassment Prevention Training and a variety of other functions required by law or collective bargaining agreement.

How is CSATF funded?
CSATF’s funding has been included as a part of the employers mandated contributions to the Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Plan. A pennies-per-hour portion of those mandated contribution for every hour worked under a union agreement goes to CSATF. 

Does this mean I can’t take classes through EIDO right now?
Eido’s courses are funded by Contract Services either mostly or completely. Since the skills training program has been suspended, EIDO no longer has funding to provide its 5 Star Training Courses to members. Contract Services has approved a few pre-scheduled courses to run until April 30 and the remainder have been cancelled.

When will they reinstate the skills training program?
The short answer: We don’t know. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to create obstacles for a return to normalcy. Until live-action productions are up and running, and therefore resuming their contributions to CSATF, enough funding will not be available for Contract Services to provide skills training.

Are there other ways I can sharpen my skill while I’m stuck at home?
Yes! Through the IATSE Training Trust Fund, active IATSE members and those working under IATSE agreements have unlimited access to the LinkedIn Learning online library. If you haven’t set up a free LinkedIn Learning account, download an application here. Email your completed application to You will receive a subscription request confirmation email followed by a welcome email containing a link to set up your LinkedIn Learning account.


LAAFA has put together several affordable short session LIVE workshops for $49 where you can chat with the instructors in real-time. You may also take advantage of a variety of on-demand and unlimited access self-study courses at starting at $29. TAG members receive a 15% discount.  Please use this code during check out: TAGASV15. Expires 5/15/2020. Additionally, a limited set of FREE on-demand video lessons are available on

The Executive Board and Guild leadership are exploring other ways to provide partially or completely funded training opportunities at this time. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email them to We would appreciate your feedback.