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Current Studio Employment

Steve Hulett / August 12, 2016

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As is our occasional habit, we present to you the number of people employed at our larger* signator studios.


Bento Box — 89
Cartoon Network — 300
Disney Television Animation — 382
DreamWorks Animation — 584
Dr4eamWorks Animation TV — 309
Fox Animation — 243
Marvel Animation — 66
Nickelodeon Cartoon Studios — 288
Paramount Animation — 65
Rick and Morty — 54
Robin Red Breast (Titmouse) — 117
Original Force Animation — 23
Six Point Two — 27
Sony Pictures Animation — 85
Walt Disney Animation Studios — 570
Warner Animation Group (WAG) — 47
Warner Bros. Animation — 275
Wild Canary — 45
Woodridge (Hasbro) — 35 …

Animation work in Los Angeles has grown steadily over the past four years. Studios still strive to hold down costs, laying crews off as soon as a current project has ended, but show supervisors continue to complain “We just can’t find enough qualified people out there!”

Some studios are restructuring, and some shows are outsourcing storyboards and design work to Canada, but the Los Angeles animation industry continues to do well, even with the cascade of Free Money happening in the country to our north.

Globally, animation continues to be a growth industry, booming in Canada, growing in the United Kingdom, making gains at various studios across Europe and South America. China and India are also growing their domestic animation studios, and China is setting up satellite studios (like Original Force) in Southern California.

* Studios with less than twenty (20) employees are not listed.

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