Online Payment System

Rules & Policies

Print out this page and keep a copy for your records. You are responsible for understanding how this system works, and maintaining your account.

1. This system is free of charge to you provided you have followed the rules on this page.

2. To use this system you must have a checking account with a bank or credit union. Payments through this system cannot be made by credit card or debit card. Our system is hosted by Union Bank, however, you do not need to have or set up an account with Union Bank to use it … any bank account will do.

3. This system IS ONLY to make any payments for TAG dues or fees. AAI or other payments must be made by cash or check.

4.The first time you log into the payment system you must set up a login to handle your transactions. You’re responsible for maintaining your account with the system. The Animation Guild cannot authorize payments or make adjustments on your behalf. Be sure to select a secure password, and keep it in a safe place. Neither the Animation Guild nor any bank or institution will ever ask you for your password.

5. To use this system, your browser must be configured to enable cookies. If you’re using your work computer to access your login, make sure that the use of this system is within the parameters of your employer’s computer use policy. We strongly recommend that you use your home email address as the contact for your login. Remember that your work e-mail is not secure, and using it for this purpose may be a violation of company policy.

6. You may use the system to make payments in two ways:

  • You can make single payments (such as a current dues payment). A single payment can be set to be paid to the Guild the same day, or up to 90-days in the future.

  • You can set up recurring payments (such as payments for dues for upcoming quarters, or payments towards an outstanding balance.) These payments can be scheduled up to 365 days in advance. IMPORTANT: If you take an honorable withdrawal or suspension, you are responsible for canceling any recurring payments.

7. You can cancel any online payment on or before 4 pm Pacific Time on the day the payment was entered.

8. If you aren’t yet a TAG member or if you’re inactive, contact Lyn Mantta to set up or reinstate your membership BEFORE setting up any payments on this system. Make sure your payment schedule has been approved by the Guild office before making payments on your outstanding balance.

9. The online payment system will send receipts for your payments to the email address registered on the system (which should be your home email address, not your work address). In addition, if you want to keep your union card up-to-date, you’ll need to mail it to the Guild office at the address below whenever you make a payment.

10. Be careful when entering your bank account number. If you enter an incorrect or expired account number, or if your account has insufficient funds, Union Bank will charge a $2.00 ACH return fee per transaction, which the Animation Guild will add to your balance. These fees will be in addition to whatever NSF fees may be charged by your bank.

11. We will continue to bill for dues and fees by mail as we have in the past, regardless of whether or not you are signed up with this system. You may continue to make payments by check or money order, made out to The Animation Guild and mailed to:

The Animation Guild
1105 N. Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA 91505-2528

We will also accept cash payments in person during our office hours, Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5 pm. You may continue to use your bank’s bill-paying system (but bear in mind that our system is free of charge to you).

Contact Lyn Mantta by email or at (818) 845-7500 if you have any questions about this system.

Pay Online

Pay TAG dues and fees by clicking the link below: