Ergonomics for Animation Artists

Valerie Hunter, Physical Therapist, Providence St. Joseph Medical Center shares general guidelines on how to stay healthy and physically strong while working. 



  • Seat back adjusted to fit your lower back curve and support upright position.
  • Seat depth to allow you to sit fully back against chair back with 3” space behind knees.
  • Seat tilt should be level or slight tilt forward and seat position locked. (B)
  • Seat height for hands to rest on keyboard, elbow near sides, feet on floor(A)


  • Standard Computer screen at 16 to 22 inches from face, screen height to allow vision to fall 1/3 to ½ down from top of screen when comfortably seated. (F/G)
  • Keyboard at waist level or slightly higher, with angle of forearm to hands slightly downward.(D/C)
  • Mouse or pen can be right or left of keyboard at same level, around 6 to 8 inches from keyboard.  
  • Elbows should rest near side of body when hands are on the keyboard or mouse.


  • Angle of screen 45 deg to 60deg and screen positioned to limit reach. 
  • Sitting closer to your screen and angling tilt eases stress for forearm and shoulder. 
  • Using a pen widener foam reduces force of pinch for less hand strain  ( E).


  • Light should be from above, soft or warm, avoid glare on screen, cover or shade  windows to keep glare off screens.  Task lights ok. 
  • Glare screens can help.


  • Same positioning for arms, elbows close to sides, forearms level or angled down to Keyboard/mouse.  No more than 45 degree reach to sides (6 to 8 inches).
  • Foot bar or foot rest helpful and anti-fatigue mat to ease leg stress.


  • Mouse pads allow for better slide and control of mouse. 
  • Wrist rest pads help with even Wrist positioning and fatigue. 
  • Lumbar rolls for chairs help to give good back support
  • Track balls or pens allow for alternative to use of mouse.


  • Keyboard should be positioned close to edge of desk with space for wrist rest if a sharp desk edge.   
  • If using pull-out tray, keyboard should fit to tray and mouse needs to be on same level as tray.