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Gordon Kent, RIP

Steve Hulett / March 5, 2015

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One of the really hard workers in animation, and really good guys, passed away early this morning.

Gordon Kent succumbed in the fight for his life at 2:00 A.M., after a long, heroic struggle. He was surrounded by his loving wife and soulmate, Donna, his sister Vickie, and her husband Jim.

Gordon jumped into animation soon after college, and took to it immediately. But it’s better if he himself describes those early years:

I was pretty lucky to get into animation almost right out of college. However, while I was in college I spent one summer working in an auto body repair shop as a “lot boy” – the worst part of the job being cleaning the toilet – those guys were not as careful in the bathroom as they were when repairing or painting cars. I also did scrimshaw for about a year – pendants, earrings, belt buckles… lions, tigers and bears mostly (oh, my!)

I’ve been doing this [animation] since 1977… I worked on a show called CBS Storybreak for two seasons. I was associate producer – but my job entailed hiring character and background designers, storyboard artists and story editing (and some writing). I also was the voice director for most of them and worked with the composers and sound effects people as well as working with the engineers on the final mix. I got to learn and do a lot. That was for Buzz Potamkin at Southern Star.

I also worked for Buzz years later at both Disney TV and Hanna-Barbera. At HB I got to be Supervising Producer on a couple of movies for TV – Titles change in animation all the time – today that would be supervising director. The Flintstones’ Christmas Carol was my favorite project there. I’ve been an animation timing director since then and have been lucky enough to work on Kim Possible, Teamo Supremo, Billy and Mandy and Bob’s Burgers among dozens of other shows.

Beyond Gordon’s staggeringly long list of credits, he was a devoted man of labor, serving on the Animation Guild’s executive board for multiple terms. His voice was always loud and passionate in meetings, and he always fought for the underdog. Case in point:

Director Terry Lennon, Steve Hulett, Gordon Kent, and Jeff Massie at a labor march in Downtown L.A.

You will be missed, Gordon. For you touched the lives of many.

A memorial service celebrating Mr. Kent’s life will be held in the future. In lieu of flowers, please send a donation to City of Hope in his name.

Add On: Mark Evanier has written a terrific remembrance of Gordon.

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5 comments on “Gordon Kent, RIP

  1. Julie R. Aguilar

    I will miss you Gordon, we all will miss you. You were so much fun to work with & I’m depressed that I’ll never see you again. You will be sorely missed. I’m sending my love to your beautiful wife.

  2. Robert St. Pierre

    Gordon was an inspiration, a friend and a fellow champion of labor. An intelligent man with a sharp and quick wit about him, he was one of the easiest and friendliest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of conversing, and working, with.

    A good man who was good for this world, and our community.

  3. merry mc kinney

    I knew Gordon from afar and only by that which he chose to share with a group of strangers….from this distance, it was easy to see his bright intelligence and enjoy his wry humor….my thoughts are with him and his family and i join all of those who will be missing him.

  4. David Chlystek

    Gordon was a man of integrity and honor. He and I became fast friends as we realized that he and my mom were both born in the same hometown in McKeesport, PA. We both shared a love for Pittsburgh sports teams, with Gordon’s favorite, the Pirates at the top of the list. I will miss talking with you on many topics Gordon. LET’S GO BUCS!!!!!!

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