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Motion to Amend a Previously Adopted Motion

Alexandra Drosu / February 16, 2024

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Submitted by Jin Choung

I move to Amend a Previously Adopted Motion and include the following points in the statement that was voted on:


  1. to denounce and condemn the HAMAS attacks of October 7, 2023 as an intolerable and barbaric act and to affirm without equivocation that there can be no possible excuse or justification for the intentional rape, murder and kidnapping of civilians.
  2. to unequivocally denounce HAMAS as a terrorist organization that is not only an enemy of the Israeli population and all mankind but to the Palestinian people, whom they have directly imperiled and brought misery to by their atrocities on October 7, 2023 and by continually using the Palestinian civilian population as a human shield to hide from justice.
  3. to demand commitment from both Israel and the Palestinian people to a two state solution and to affirm that peace requires buy-in and compromise from both sides.

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