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My current job just ended and I am not working at a Union studio. Can I put my membership on hold?

Alexandra Drosu / June 25, 2021

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You can request to have your account put on Honorable Withdrawal, which is like taking a leave of absence from the Guild for an indefinite period of time. You don’t pay any dues while on Honorable Withdrawal, and you can be reinstated at any time for a minimal fee. If you have at least five years in the industry in Union jobs, you would be vested in both parts of the pension plan, the Defined Benefit Plan and the Individual Account Plan, so nothing would be lost. If you have less than five years, there could be a loss of the Defined Benefit Plan if you don’t go back to work within two years. There is nothing you need to do with the 401(k) plan. The money does not need to be rolled out; you just can’t contribute more funds until you are working again at a Union employer.

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