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What gains did Animation Timers make?

Kim Fay / June 2, 2022

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We did not get everything we wanted in the timing proposal; however, we did make progress. Freelance unit rates for Animation Timers increased by 5% in the first year, almost 5% in the second year, and another almost 5% increase effective January 1, 2024. The number of feet needed to qualify for the equivalent of an 8-hour day to accrue health and pension hours was reduced by almost 1/3. What does this mean? Freelance Animation Timers will accrue qualifying health and pension benefits almost three times more quickly, making it more manageable to stay covered by Union benefits. The Timing Committee also agreed to work with the Guild to identify studios where the use of the unit rate is abusive in order to make necessary studio-specific changes.

See PDF for additional tables and information.

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