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What gains did we make on New Media?

Kim Fay / June 2, 2022

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We continue to make gains in New Media as we address the changing landscape of streaming. Several of the gains addressed budget tiers, and we were also able to end the practice of “grandfathering” language from previous agreements that has been used by employers for years to undercut wages.

  • Established wage minimums for derivative and original work. What does this mean? Previously, programs that fell under the High Budget threshold provided for freely negotiable wages. Now, derivative and original productions of at least 11-minutes in length and budgeted at $25,000 or more per minute are subject to wage minimums equal to the current rate less 15%. This has increased the number of productions that will be guaranteed wage minimums.
  • Removed the grandfather clause. We have attempted to stop the practice of using language from previous agreements (“grandfathering”) that allows shows that were produced on or before the current agreement dates access to rates and terms associated with older contracts. For example, shows like Dragons: Race to the Edge were able to take advantage of higher budget thresholds and continue using freely negotiable terms and rates. Now, as of Aug. 1, 2023, shows can no longer be grandfathered and will be subject to increases negotiated in this and future contract agreements. We have been working towards this change for years!
  • Lowered high budget thresholds. We were able to get employers to match the “high budget” thresholds gained by SAG-AFTRA. Animated High Budget SVOD are subject to additional contract benefits, including paid holidays and overtime, dismissal pay, and accrued holiday pay. Lowering the threshold increases the number of productions that will be covered. However, the new threshold will not apply to shows that started production on or before Aug. 1, 2022.

See PDF for additional tables and information.

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