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What is the difference between a workplace issue and a grievance?

Kim Fay / September 6, 2022

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A workplace issue can be any problem you are having with your employer or on the job and can generally be handled with the assistance of a Union representative.

Filing a grievance, on the other hand, is a formal process outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. If your employer violates a term of one of the Guild’s CBAs, a grievance may be filed. The grievance procedure is how the Guild challenges the way your studio or production company has misinterpreted the agreement and gets them to correct their mistake. Grievances are filed by the Guild’s Business Representative and legal counsel on your behalf.

To discuss an issue with one of TAG’s Union representatives, you can begin by filling out the Member Contract Questions Form so the Guild can determine the nature of your concern. This form is for workplace issues and contract questions only.

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