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Who is eligible to vote?

Kim Fay / June 2, 2022

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According to our Constitution and By-Laws, all TAG members who are Active and in Good Standing are eligible to vote for ratification. In order to become an active member in good standing of The Animation Guild:

  1. You must completely pay the application fee and all dues, initiation fees, and assessments so that no monies are owed to The Animation Guild.
  2. You must complete and return the paper membership application form to The Animation Guild. The form will be processed by the Guild office and sent to our parent union, the IATSE office in New York. (Please note this can take 30 days.)
  3. The IATSE office in New York must approve the application and send it back to the Guild office.
  4. Once all dues and fees are paid, and all membership application processing is completed by both offices, individuals become members in good standing.
  5. In order to have your ballot counted, you must have paid any outstanding balances to the Guild by 3 p.m. on Wednesday, June 22. Reach out to for any questions about payment procedure.
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