Join TAG at Lightbox 2021

The Animation Guild will be hosting three panels at Lightbox, and we hope you will join us! 

What Am I Doing Wrong?!: What You Can Do To Improve Your Chances of Getting Industry Jobs

Friday, Sept. 10 @ 5 p.m.

You’ve got your portfolio together, you’ve taken tests, you’ve done the networking, but still not getting the call-backs? You may be getting frustrated and start to wonder if you are in the right business. Before you let all that self-doubt creep in, let us help you find your voice! The Animation Guild’s Education and Training Committee presents “What Am I doing Wrong?!: What You Can Do To Improve Your Chances of Getting Industry Jobs”. Learn from recruiters, supervisors, directors and fellow artists ways of getting noticed,  staying current, getting out there, and getting the job you’re after. Find out what employers are looking for in candidates and the do’s and don’ts of portfolios, job applications, and cover letters.

Panelists: Melissa Graziano, Animator on Paradise PD; Pete Michels, Director on Rick and Morty, Family Guy and The Simpsons; Brooke Keesling, Bentobox Recruiter; and Special Guests TBD.

Register here for the panel.


Supervisor School

Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021 @ 2 p.m.

The Animation Guild’s Storyboard Committee is hosting an informative panel with three incredible artists and supervisors. Panelists will discuss supervising methods, team expectations, time management, and communication. Quality leadership is the foundation of a well run production, and our panelists have years of experience as supervisors and are here to discuss how they do it.

Moderators:  Storyboard Artist and TAG Executive Board member Crystal Kan; Director Jake Hollander

Panelists: Monica Davila, Storyboard Director at Atomic Cartoons; Creator and Animator Nora Johnson; and Storyboard Artist and Director Sarah Johnson.

Register here for the panel.


From Script to Screen: Demystifying the Creative Process

Sunday, Sept. 12 @ 4 p.m. (This is pre-recorded and will post to our website. Link will be shared on Sept. 12.)

Sure, you’ll find some similarities between the creative process at different studios, but not all shows or films follow the same blueprint. Consider a CG feature or an action-packed 2D superhero show, how are they different? What is essential to both to ensure a successful production? We explore the creative process of different genres and learn from the pros who make them.

Moderator: Supervising Director Jeanette Moreno King

Panelists: Cecilia Aranovich, Supervising Director for Harley Quinn; Anthony Lioi, Supervising Director/Producer on Big Mouth; Latoya Raveneau, Director on The Proud Family