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Master Agreement Negotiations Update

Alexandra Drosu / August 2, 2021

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Our Animation Guild Master Agreement negotiations with the AMPTP (the Employers) traditionally take place after the IATSE concludes negotiations for the Basic Agreement. Our agreement references the appropriate sections of the Basic Agreement to provide MPI participation in Animation.  MPI currently has over 55,000 participants which include  members of the IATSE in sister Guilds like Local 600 (Camera), Local 700 (Editors) and Local 800 (Art Directors).

In June, the IATSE Basic Agreement negotiations were suspended at the employers request for them to take more time to consider the Union’s proposals. It was delayed further in July to focus on updating the COVID-19 Return to Work Agreement. They are scheduled to resume in August, which has shifted the Animation Guild’s Master Agreement negotiation dates to Sept. 21-23, 2021.

What does that mean for the Animation Guild’s negotiations?

No one can predict the future. While the focus is on getting a deal – it needs to be the right deal. There is no rush to settle. It is important that we remain positive, resilient, and ready to respond.

Our Animation Guild Negotiations Committee is more prepared than ever for our turn to negotiate. The committee continues to meet regularly, collect data, and refine proposals. Through craft meetings, membership meetings, and more the committee members have gathered input and listened to you.

Doesn’t our Master Agreement expire on July 31, 2021? What happens next?

Yes, our Master Agreement expires on July 31, 2021. Business Representative Steve Kaplan submitted a contract extension through Oct. 31, 2021 to the AMPTP that was subsequently approved by the employers. Any changes to wage rates will be retroactively applied once a new contract is ratified.

What can I do to support contract negotiations? 

If you haven’t completed the Negotiations Survey, set aside five minutes and take it! Your responses help inform the Negotiations Committee. Can’t find the link? Email Also, continue to show your solidarity and stay informed. Check your inbox for important communications, participate in TAG Tuesday, attend General Membership meetings, reach out to a committee and ask questions.


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