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Meet TAG’s Member Programs Coordinator

Alexandra Drosu / August 19, 2021

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As the Guild’s membership continues to grow, so does our need to expand the way we support members. The Executive Board is pleased to announce the newest addition to The Animation Guild’s staff, Member Programs Coordinator Jackie Huang!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career journey.

I moved to Los Angeles from the midwest to attend USC.  I studied film production there, but always had a love for animation so wound up doing summer internships at DreamWorks Animation and the Walt Disney Studios.  While there, I met a lot of artists that encouraged me to pursue my love of art, so I wound up going back to school to study illustration at ArtCenter College of Design.  While I wanted to become a visual development artist when I graduated, I wound up falling in love creating paper art and pop-ups.  So after graduating, I freelanced doing that and also started an organization on the side, Motivarti, that provided mentorships for artists looking to break into the animation industry.  After a few years, I closed the program and joined Cartoon Network Studios as their Talent Development Manager helping to advocate for artists for the last four and a half years.  I’m happy to be joining the Union staff to continue supporting artists.

What will be some of your duties at TAG?
Some of my duties at TAG will include liaising with committees, helping with Lunch & Learns, facilitating new member lunches and orientations, coordinating gallery shows, and more. In the future, I hope to develop new programs that continue to support members. 

How do you hope to support the Animation Guild membership?
My hope is to gain a better understanding of the members and where they feel they need support first.  I think it’s important to listen and observe rather than make assumptions about what someone needs.  From there, I hope to build bridges and fill gaps where I can using my knowledge and past experiences as both an artist and recruiter.

What are some of your interests when you’re not working?
Sleep!  Well, when I can get it with a toddler running around.  Aside from that, continue to make art.  Passion never dies! 

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