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New Pilot Craft Representatives Program

Alexandra Drosu / July 29, 2019

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The Storyboard Committee is launching a new Craft Representative Program. We’re focusing on Storyboard Artists at three studios to test out this pilot program: Cartoon Network, Bento Box Entertainment and DreamWorks. 

The goal is to find a Craft Rep volunteer on each show within each studio. In addition to Shop Stewards who can answer questions pertaining to the Union, Contract and Constitution issues, Craft Reps will be able to answer questions related to a specific craft within the contracts and will be able to connect you with resources for many questions you may have. 

A Craft Rep’s duties include alerting their teams to Guild meetings, both general membership and craft specific, communicating to their teams ways of handling issues pertaining to their craft and current production, and being a point person to bring any ideas on expanding the community of the craft or ways to improve it. 

This exciting pilot program is ONLY open to the Storyboard craft (board artists, revisionists, and others performing story work) for the time being.  If you’re at one of these studios and interested in being part of this pilot program, please fill out an application here or  please contact with any questions.

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