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What Molly Said

Steve Kaplan / November 5, 2014

Business SavvyWhy Union / no comments

Sent by a constant reader: … Companies are not loyal to you. Please never believe a company has your back. They are amoral by design and will discard you at a moment’s notice. Negotiate aggressively, ask other freelancers what they’re getting paid, and don’t buy into the financial negging of some suit. I’ve cobbled together…

TAG 401(k) News

Armando Estrada / November 3, 2014

401k plan / no comments

So I was in a long Animation Guild 401(k) Plan trustee meeting today, and we now have some newer bells and train whistles which will be rolled out in coming months.

TAG 401(k) Plan

Steve Kaplan / October 31, 2014

401k plan / no comments

A brief update on TAG’s 401(k) Plan for participants and/or interested parties. Plan assets total $221,022,647. $209,957,503 is in Vanguard funds. $11,065,144 is in non-Vanguard funds. There are 2,476 participant accounts. Fees for the Plan total .19% (19 basis points) of assets.