Nickelodeon Contract Ratification

On May 29th, Animation Guild members working at Nickelodeon voted overwhelmingly to ratify the 2018-2021 Nickelodeon 2D and Nickelodeon CG agreements. Generally, these agreements will be in effect from August 1, 2018 through and including July 31, 2021. We congratulate all members working at Nickelodeon on the approval of these agreements and we look forward to building on these gains in the future. Thank you to all members that participated – your involvement and engagement is key to our continued success. Thank you, members!

Background: In 2018, the agreement between Nickelodeon and The Animation Guild reached the end of its term. The Animation Guild formed a negotiation committee made up of members working at Nickelodeon to renegotiate the agreement. The committee met with representatives from the studio over a few months, and has an agreement to present to the members working at the studio for ratification. The committee is proud of the work that was done and recommends the membership vote to approve the new agreement.

Some of what was achieved is:

  • All of the gains from the 2018-2021 TAG Master Agreement (read about those negotiations here)
  • Nickelodeon provides 10 paid holidays annually and sets the date for those holidays each year.
  • Renaming of “Texture Artist” and “Lead Texture Artist” to “Look Development Artist” and “Lead Look Development Artist” respectively.
  • Asset Finaler wage was increased 20% before the wage increases, and simplified to Journey level only.

Please feel free to review the two Memorandum of Agreements that detail the changes that were achieved linked in the blue boxes on the right side of this page.