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No on 22, Yes on 15!

Alexandra Drosu / September 8, 2020

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With all that’s in the news around this year’s election, you may not have heard much about two upcoming propositions on the ballot. To save jobs and demand good wages, the LA County Federation of Labor is recommending YES on Prop 15 and NO on Prop 22.

Big corporations are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on Prop 15 and Prop 22. Why? Because the CEOs want to line their pockets by driving down wages and cutting union jobs.

By voting YES on Prop 15, we can ensure the wealthy corporations are paying their fair share by closing a loophole that’s draining millions from our schools and communities every year. With the COVID-19 pandemic leading to budget deficits in our communities, the jobs of first responders, teachers and other public servants are at risk. Now is the time to invest in our future by asking the wealthiest among us to do their part. Prop 15 saves union jobs and ensures our schools and communities are healthy and strong. For more information on Prop 15, visit

CEOs are spending over $100 million to pass Prop 22, a harmful measure that strips basic protections from workers while creating a special exemption in the law for multi-billion corporations like Uber and Lyft to avoid paying a dime for things we all need like unemployment insurance, Social Security and Medicare. These companies have been exploiting their workers for years, and now they want a free pass to deny workers the rights we have under the law.

These wealthy corporations want to expand into virtually every industry, turning good union jobs like ours into low-wage, dead-ends that provide no benefits like health care or retirement. If Uber, Lyft and other gig companies get their way, they won’t even have to pay a minimum wage! Allowing these companies to expand unchecked threatens every single one of our jobs. We have to stand up to the greed of these corporations by voting NO on Prop 22. Learn more at

There are many important issues on November’s ballot. But Props 15 and 22 might be the most important for our jobs, pay and benefits. And remember, you’ll get your ballot in the mail in early October. Fill it out right away and send it in to vote YES on Prop 15 and NO on Prop 22!


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