Online Representation Card

What is this?

This is a form that asks you to provide the same information you would on a repcard. We have been asked multiple times to provide an “online” version of the Representation Card for people to sign over the internet. While its easy to understand why something like this is requested, its also important to realize that according to the NLRB, the only form of this card that can be accepted is the traditional, physical one that is filled out and signed by you and returned to the union.

Is this an actual Repcard?

NO! Filling out this form is not the same as signing a repcard. However, this is a way to alert the union that you’re interested in representation and requesting more information.

So then why fill this out?

If you’re interested in union representation and want to get the process started, fill out this form and submit it to us. We will automatically send you an actual repcard with a postage-paid return envelope that you should fill out and return to us. We will also contact you to meet and discuss the Organization Process and how that will work with your current employer.

Online Representation Card