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Please Confirm Your Voting Status!

Alexandra Drosu / October 7, 2019

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Your vote is your voice – we want everyone that wants to vote to complete all the steps necessary to be able to vote in the 2019 TAG elections.

In order to become a member in good standing of the Animation Guild, individuals must:

  1. Completely pay all dues, fees, and assessments so that no monies are owed to the Animation Guild;
  2. Complete and return a paper membership application form, and have that form successfully processed by the Guild office and our parent IATSE office in New York;
  3. Once all dues and fees are paid, and all membership application processing is completed by both offices, individuals become members in good standing.

All of the above steps, including returning a completed paper application and having that application successfully processed by the Guild office and our parent IATSE office in New York, are mandatory. 

Processing of membership applications does take time, and we want all those that are eligible to vote in the upcoming 2019 TAG Elections. Please act today to confirm your status!

If you are not an active member in good standing on November 8, 2019 by 5:00 p.m., your ballot for the 2019 TAG Elections will not be counted.

If you have a BLUE 2019 TAG Membership card, that indicates that you have been a member in good standing at some time during 2019. However, to avoid any doubt in your standing, please confirm that your membership account is fully paid-up, including 2019 Q4 dues that were recently billed, so you can be sure your ballot will count in the 2019 TAG Elections.

Please act as soon as possible to confirm your membership status with the Guild office, and if you choose, take any necessary actions to change your membership status.

The Guild office is available for questions by email at – and by phone during business hours at 818-845-7500.​


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