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Preview: 2024 District 2 Convention Resolutions

Kim Fay / June 3, 2024

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The 2024 IATSE District 2 Convention will be held in Lake Tahoe from June 8 and 9. The Animation Guild delegation will propose resolutions to be introduced and voted on by the delegates of the IATSE Locals in Arizona, California, Hawai‘i, and Nevada that make up District 2. Below, you can read a summary of the proposed resolutions.

Resolution for Providing Coverage for Hospice Care

According to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, more than 1.5 million Americans receive hospice care annually. Accessing hospice care is often challenging due to limited coverage options and high costs, leaving many individuals and families without the necessary support and resources during such a critical time. Hospice care is not currently covered under many insurance plans, and this resolution urges that the Delegates of the 2024 District 2 Convention commit to working to include comprehensive coverage for hospice care services, including but not limited to medical care, counseling, and support for both patients and their families as a benefit in their collective agreements. In addition, it requests that copies of this resolution be sent to the IATSE urging the prioritization of the inclusion of hospice care coverage in health plans.

Resolution for the Establishment of an Experienced Workers Committee

There is a wealth of valuable experience among District 2 members that could be utilized to benefit the Union. A dedicated committee of experienced workers could provide a platform for sharing knowledge, mentoring newer members, addressing issues unique to seasoned professionals within our industry, and combating ageism. Such a committee could also serve as a resource for union leadership in matters related to training, safety, and industry standards. This resolution asks that the Delegates of the 2024 District 2 Convention consider establishing an Experienced Workers Committee that shall consist of representatives from various sectors and disciplines within the District. In addition, the resolution calls for the Experienced Workers Committee to be officially incorporated into the district’s Bylaws and operational guidelines.

Resolution for Accessibility at the District 2 Conventions

In 2022, the D2 Convention unanimously passed Resolution 19, which committed to “inclusivity and increasing accessibility for current and future Deaf, Blind, Disabled and Neurodiverse members of all the locals within IATSE District 2.” Chronic illness or disability can make travel to distant locations difficult or impossible, and current technology has enabled IATSE Delegates to attend and participate in convention proceedings remotely in the past. To allow more members to participate in future Conventions, this resolution calls for the Delegates of the 2024 District 2 Convention to solidify their commitment to increasing accessibility for all members by amending the Bylaws to accommodate member delegates who are unable to attend in person. The resolution also requests that the Convention provide the ability for Delegates to attend remotely via electronic meeting platforms with equal rights and privileges as in-person attendees.

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