Representation Card

What is the representation card?

The Representation Card is a physical manifestation of your desire to have The Animation Guild represent you as your bargaining agent with your employer. Signing and returning the card does not initiate membership with The Guild.  It shows your interest in Guild membership and representation.  It also acts as a gauge for us to measure how much of the artist pool in a facility share that interest.  Once a majority of the artists have returned signed representation cards to us, The Guild will move forward with the next step to signing a contract with your employer.

Will your employer know if I’ve signed a card?

Not a chance.  Once we receive your signed card, we file it away not to be seen again until called for by the NLRB.  We fiercely guard the identity of card signers, as it is a private decision we appreciate.

Where do I get a card?

Click This Link and a new page will open with a digital copy of the card.  You should be able to fill it out in the window it opens.  Print it with your information, sign it and get it back to us.  You can always contact Business Representative, Steve Kaplan and he’ll arrange a time to meet you to collect the card.

Where do I send my filled out card?

Send your card to the Guild at 1105 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505 attention Steve Kaplan.