Sharpen Your Skills


COVID has sent us all out of our workplaces and back home. In order to make the most of this time, the Animation Guild is now offering free training courses funded by the Guild for our members. These courses are provided by our educational partners Eido and LAAFA for all new, active, or honorable withdrawal TAG members.

To enroll in any of the following courses, you can register here.

Spots are limited to the first 15 eligible members that sign-up for each course. Confirmation will be sent in the order of request and may take up to three days.

NOTE: Classes are currently full. Completing the registration will add you to the waitlist for notification of the second round of classes.

Storyboarding 1 with Onno De Jong

October 3 & 4 (Saturday & Sunday)

10 AM – 1 PM

Day 1 will focus on exploring basic sketch methods, the basics of story, and using different software applications for the storyboarding process. Day 2 will focus on showcasing the boarding process for a sequence and highlighting the most important visual key moments of a scene.


Storyboarding 2 with Onno De Jong

October 17 & 18 (Saturdays & Sunday)

10 AM – 1 PM

Day 1 will be a more comprehensive analysis of the basics of storyboarding and the difference between boarding for 2D and 3D animation. Day 2 will discuss creating production boards for a short film or pilot and creating, editing, and publishing an animatic.


After Effects for Animation with Jennifer Penton

October 10 & 11 (Saturday & Sunday)

3 – 6 PM

Learn how to set up a composition in Photoshop to import into After Effects and learn how the After Effects interface and best practices for working with After Effects. Then we will learn more advanced After Effects skills such as how to make our layers move realistically and how to add animated GIFS, Green Screen effects, Audio, and Titles for a complete, polished animated video. We will also delve into the Puppet Pin tool, Masks and additional effects in order to create powerful animation and motion graphics.


Anatomy for Animation with Rey Bustos

October 12 & 19 (Mondays)

6:30 – 9:30 PM

Learn how the skeleton and muscles affect the movement of the human body. We will discuss body structures and how the anatomical mechanisms are used for action in animation. This course aims to understand how anatomy can shape your character designs to be functional throughout an animation pipeline.


Perspective Principles In Photoshop with Jon Messer

October 21 & 28 (Wednesdays)

6:30 – 9:30 PM

Learn to apply the basic concepts and techniques of perspective applied digitally. Layout backgrounds and scenes using the line tool, layers, and folders in Photoshop. We will work on a variety of scenes including interiors and exteriors.


Designing for Animation with Ron Lemen

October 24 & 25 (Saturday & Sunday)

10 AM – 1 PM

This class is designed to refresh the design side of our process, reviewing the basics in an advanced form. We will be working on design strategies, exercise intensive, isolating problems, breaking them down fundamentally to find the core set of tools useful for our current design needs. We’ll review the design elements and principles, our core language, structure, and tool box for everything we will ever do in a graphic moment.