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Speaking of Transitions

Steve Kaplan / February 5, 2015

Sony / no comments

It isn’t just Robert Iger who’ll be ambling on

Sony has just confirmed that Amy Pascal is stepping down from her position as co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and chairman of the Motion Picture Group, and that she will launch a new production venture at the studio. Pascal will transition to the new venture in May. … Pascal has a solid track record as a talent- and filmmaker-friendly studio head and she has lasted longer than most do. …

But nobody, of course, lasts forever. As an exec who worked with her during Amy’s formative years: “Amy was always good at dodging bullets. That was always Job One with her. …”

Bullet-dodging is a refined art. (Full disclosure: I am down-right sh*tty at it.) But even an expert can’t get out of the way of a fusillade.

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