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Working Together to Stop Hate: A Statement About Anti-Asian Violence

Alexandra Drosu / March 17, 2021

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The Animation Guild condemns anti-Asian and anti-Pacific Islander violence and bigotry as a direct assault on our principles of diversity, equity, inclusion and humanity.

We share a statement from Roger Oda, Co-Chair of the Guild’s People of Color Committee, rejecting these horrible actions and calling for more dialogue to fight against harmful stereotypes.

Forever A Foreigner 

The rise in violence against Asians this past year is a part of a long continuous cycle in the United States. The experience of an Asian minority in America is to eternally be in the position of the “other”. That no matter your history, achievements, personal beliefs, you will always be easily subject to the most superficial of judgments by your fellow countrymen. The feeling that the threat of dehumanizing attacks on yourself and your loved ones always lies just beneath the surface.

 It is not enough to just oppose vicious hate and brutality when it is aimed at our communities. Those that reject these actions also need to examine a very real system of aggressive oppression and the suffering and scapegoating of our families that is done for political and monetary gain. 

Breaking down barriers requires a real effort not only in inclusion, but a genuine push to amplify authentic voices and experiences of people of color. Stories that can reflect all aspects of our society to fight harmful stereotypes which are tools of division. What we say and how we say it matters. We seek a dialogue that recognizes the dignity in each human experience.  

Roger Oda

The Animation Guild 839 People of Color Committee Co-Chair

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