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TAG members sworn in as LA County Fed delegates

Today, five members/employees of Local 839 will be sworn in as delegates to the LA County Federation of Labor and next month another five will be sworn in to fill a total of 10 spots. Delegates include Robert St. Pierre, Leslie Simmons, Ruolin Li, Steve Kaplan, Lars Ingelman, Charlotte Jackson, Emily Walus, Jeanette King, Joseph Statom and Scott Carpenter.

Every month, pursuant to their constitution, the LA County Fed holds a meeting with sworn delegates to the House of Labor. In short, the meeting comprises of delegates from public and private sector unions across Los Angeles County who are members of the LA County Fed and the AFL-CIO. The House of Labor is a body that oversees and offers input in the business and direction of the LA County Fed, of which the Guild is a member. Delegates vote on many things, including candidate endorsements, resolutions, business matters pertaining to the Fed and more.

The meetings provide exposure to other unions and guilds, not just in entertainment, but in many other fields, including construction trades, county employees, city employees, hotel/service industry employees and more. Sometimes, prior to the 7 p.m. meeting, there is a 6 p.m. training for delegates focusing on subjects such as organizing or communications.

As an example of initiatives supported by the LA County Fed, here’s a recent resolution that the House of Labor approved: https://thelafed.org/los-angeles-county-federation-of-labor-resolution-that-supports-union-jobs-and-diverse-communities-in-climate-change-fight/