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The 2015 Wage Survey Is Open!

Steve Kaplan / July 16, 2015

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The annual Wage Survey has been opened and we are requesting all members participate. This is one of the most important things your Union does. The Wage Survey gives the Union a snapshot of the state of the industry. But more importantly it helps you, the member, when you are seeking employment. The more you know about what others get paid for doing the same job you do, the easier it will be for you to negotiate your salary and raises.

As always we are asking you to share wage information for the work you performed over the previous year. If you’re currently unemployed, or not working in the industry, please give us information as of your most recent animation job.
You can fill out the questionnaires online by following the appropriate link from this page:

Online submissions require you to enter your full and name and last 4 digits of your SSN. This will only be used to ensure that all respondents are members and that there are no duplicates. Your name will not be attached to or associated with your answers in the final survey report.
If you’re not comfortable submitting your information online, please wait to receive the paper questionnaire, fill it out and return it. Please do not fill out both the online and paper surveys.

The results will be posted to the webite, published in The Pegboard, through out e-mail list and on the TAG Blog. Remember, this is information that the producers already know. By participating in this survey, you allow yourself and your fellow Guild members to negotiate on a more equal footing.

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