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The Anthem Hack

Steve Hulett / February 8, 2015

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You have no doubt heard by now that a large swath of the population got singed by the reported hack of Anthem Insurance. Almost every entertainment union had members that were affected, and the Animation Guild was no exception. Although there’s not much substantive to report, the guild sent the following to members:

You are probably aware that the health insurer Anthem has suffered a major breach in its held data. This involves most if not all Motion Picture Industry Health Plan participants. As we write, Anthem hasn’t yet provided full information to MPI health plan participants.

What we know is on the website:

MPI is aware of the Anthem Blue Cross data breach and is working closely with Anthem Blue Cross to identify if MPI Participants have been impacted. At this time there is NO information available from MPI or Anthem as to whether your specific information has been impacted. Anthem has provided the following links and phone number to call for general information regarding the breach:
Phone: 1-877-263-7995

MPI will provide additional information as it becomes available. Please continue to check the MPI website for the most up-to-date information.

This theft of personal data impacts 80 million people across fourteen states. Some members have cancelled credit cards and changed passwords on accounts they believe may have been compromised by this breach. Because we don’t know the full extent of the theft of data from Anthem, every MPI participant will have to decide what protective actions to take.

I, personally, don’t think that financial data has been compromised. But I, personally, could be wrong.

If you’re nervous about it, then go quell the nervousness by rejiggering bank accounts and credit cards. It is, after all, an individual choice. But I have the queasy feeling that in the age of “store everything on the cloud,” personal data can be tampered with by many.

And will be.

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